A Light of Hope for Orlando

Dies ist unser Brief nach Orlando im Zuge der Photo-Aktion "A Light of Hope for Orlando":

Good morning to Orlando!

Even though it was unfortunately a few months ago that we were in sunny Orlando and were lucky enough to get to know each other, everyday life has caught up with us here in Germany.

We are very happy to think back on our vacation and would like to thank both of you again for the opportunity to drive us to the "Pulse" after work. That meant a lot to us, not the least because of this loving gesture.

When we told at home how deep the pain and the wound that was torn by the assassination are still sitting, we considered in our radio editorial office how we can get closer together. Nobody should be alone with their grief, especially when it affects an entire community. That is why we asked our colleagues and listeners to light a light and take a picture of themselves with this candle.

May all of you in Orlando never run out of light of hope and solidarity.

We here in Berlin, although we are so far away, are with you in our thoughts and do not allow hatred of our life and our freedom to be destroyed.

We hug you all very tight and hope to stay in touch


Max Nitzschke-Stockmann and Maik Stockmann
and the complete team of Radio Rainbow City Berlin, Germany, Europe.

And here are the pictures from some of our listeners as well as from our team:



Dennis and Tobias




Xenia and Maik

Xenia (at home)


Max and Robert





Dan (with Husband)